March 12, 2012

away no. 1


When we drive to Denver, we always pass by Johnson's Corner and wonder what's it all about. It looks like a classic American truck stop, but it's constantly packed with cars too. Ryan and I agreed that we needed to make a visit and bring the camera along to document the trip. When we walked inside, it was everything I could ask for. It was a complete blend of Americans young and old, city and country. Many seemed like they had been coming here for years and others appeared to be visiting for the first time. There was even a gentleman applying for a job with shakey hands and all. I hope he gets it.
When we headed to our table, I spotted Jack. We sat down, and I knew I could not let him leave without photographing him. I just had to build up the nerve to approach him. I did. I ran out to the parking lot and stopped him from pulling out. I told him that he had an amazing style, I was a photographer, and if he'd allow me to photograph him, I'd gladly send him the photos. He was incredibly gracious and happily obliged. Jack said he didn't have a camera, and would love it if I sent him the photos. I gave him my card, and asked him to email me. He said he didn't have a computer, but he'd write down his address. I'm sure he has more important things to worry about than photography and computers. He said he does a lot of things including ranching and auctioneering. He's a Colorado State Auctioneer Champion as seen on his belt buckle.
Jack was really excited that we had the opportunity to move to Colorado as a native himself. He said he wished he had more time to tell me some places to go. I told him that maybe we'd reconnect one day. I think it'd be amazing to tell more of his story. For now, however, this is the story of how I met Jack at Johnson's Corner // Johnstown, Colorado.


Will said...

Too many times have I had to stop at JC for beef jerky between Denver and Fort Collins. Oh the memories.

jennifer little said...

Will --That is awesome! I got the impression it's an institution.